PowerToys v0.20.1 Released with Fixes for a Few Critical Bugs

Rafia Shaikh
PowerToys v0.51

Microsoft released PowerToys version 0.20.1 earlier in the week carrying fixes for a few critical bugs. "One bug caused a cascade of other bugs to be found," Clint Rutkas of the Windows Dev Tools tweeted. "This also has a fix for the installer."

Here is the complete changelog of PowerToys 0.20.1:

This is patch release to fix a few items for 0.20 we deemed important for stability. The installer, PowerToys Run, FancyZones and ColorPicker.

FancyZones had a bug in it which then crashed our hosting app (we refer to as Runner), then that caused us to find a few bugs in PowerToys Run that happen when Runner crashes.

if you continue to see issues, please make us aware.

  • #5400 - PT Run doesn't dispose properly and disposed object trying to be accessed
  • #5555 - ColorPicker trying to always reload a bad settings file
  • #5540 - FancyZones tries to drag an elevated window
  • #5484 - Installer gets stuck installing .NET Core

For more details, head over to GitHub.

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