Portable Xbox One Tablet – Learn How to Make it Yourself

'Portable Xbox One' is an awesome idea, but you've probably have heard of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 laptops by now, but how about a tablet for the consoles? Definitely it'll involve you taking things to the next level with gadgets and not to mention taking at least 700 dollars(including console/LCD/others) apart with no guarantee of return. But its not that hard once you've seen how it is done and knowing it is possible makes it a bit more justifiable to do such a crazy thing. Following is your very own guide to take your tinkering to the next level.

Make Your Very Own Xbox One Tablet

Working your way back through an High Definition LED, Ben Heck shows us how a portable Xbox One is possible. Known as a creative tech modder and enthusiast, Ben has displayed his skills in the past with his Xbox 360 laptop and his PlayStation 3 laptop and his PlayStation Portable predates the PSP itself so basically his idea was what set it up for Sony to create a Portable PlayStation device.

Ben Heck now turned to Xbox One to satisfy his inner tech geek and bring something very new to his audience, an Xbox One Portable. Yes there are laptops already available for the Xbox console but his time the enthusiast has come up with  truly portable device in the shape of a tablet.

Working his way through the device, Heck encountered several problems. Initially he found it hard to find a screen of the right size for the portable device with a 1080p display so the gamers can enjoy their games to the fullest. Other road bumps included getting the Blu-ray disk drive to spin when at an angle and working round with the size of the Xbox One console which has earlier been pointed out many times not to be small instead being accused of as quite bulky as a console. Read more here.

Well you have got to give it to the tech modder, he definitely know his way around gadgets and is not shy of sharing his art with the world. Yes, some of you may have issues regarding the cost of the build and rightly so. These parts are not cheap, especially the Samsung display Heck stripped as the display for his tablet but still, credit is due to the art and you cannot overlook the fact on how cool the device looks.

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