Pokémon GO Battles to Get a Redesign in Latest Update

Anil Ganti

Pokémon GO has gone through its fair share of changes since its release in 2016. The title's popularity may have dropped off over the years, but the game still has a solid player base. For the longest time, Pokémon GO lacked a comprehensive player-versus-player mode. That changed earlier this year when the title finally got a player-versus-player battling system. It was far from perfect and it involved a copious amount of tapping, much to the annoyance of people's thumbs. Today, Niantic Tweeted out some changes to the player-versus-player system. Here's a Tweet showing what the new system will look like.

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The core mechanics of the battle system will remain the same, but charge attacks will now be less about tapping quickly, and more about accurate swiping. Once you've initiated your charge move, the game will prompt you to swipe your finger across a trail of icons falling across your screen. The more accurately you swipe. the more powerful your attack will be. There will still be tapping involved, just a lot less of it. The changes will very likely evoke a mixed reaction from the player base. While there's no denying that it makes combat a tad less repetitive, there will always be a vocal minority that would complain about the changes.

In addition to the upgraded battle mechanics, Niantic has also introduced a much easier to understand in-game appraisal system. Pokémon GO now displays your Pokémon's Individual Values (IVs) as three progress bars that turn red when they're full. The game will even let you switch between monsters with a tap. The update with these new features is out in the US and is expected to make its way to other regions in the coming weeks. The changes are available on both the Android and iOS version of the game and should arrive via an OTA update.

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