PlayStation 5 Launching in October, According to a Job Listing [UPDATED]

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Sony Interactive Entertainment told Famitsu that the release date mentioned in that listing was 'an error by the recruitment site'.

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The lack of some key pieces of PlayStation 5 information has been a talking point over the recent months. We don't really know when Sony will reveal the design, what games the PS5 will have at launch, when exactly it will come out, and a whole lot of other vital information for those who are deciding which console to purchase next generation. We have had rumours of the reveal event taking place next month, but that's all they are so far.

Today can add to those rumours with a possible release date for the PlayStation 5 and one that is likely a month or so earlier than everybody was expecting. According to a job listing, the console is going to be released sometime in October this year. Originally posted on Twitter, the listing is understandably in Japanese but in a translation provided by the original poster, Nibel, and then a simple Google Translate job seems to confirm this release of October 2020.

As seen above, the role is seemingly for procurement for hardware going into the PlayStation 5, indicating that Sony is almost ready to start manufacturing the console. The timing would make perfect sense if, next month, the company announced the console with an October release date. It would give them around four months to produce and ship units around the world, ready for the launch.

This is, of course, only a rumour until officially announced by Sony. Still, the existence of a job listing combined with all of the rumours around a big PlayStation 5 reveal coming soon gives it a lot of substance. With everything that's happening, the timing of everything, I can honestly imagine we'll be seeing the console and release date officially announced next month, with the console landing in October.

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What will really matter is the pricing of the PlayStation 5 and, of course, the games. Keep an eye on the site and we'll be bringing you all the news as it comes in. Meanwhile, you can take a look at our recap article with all the system specifications and features.

News Source: Twitter

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