PlayStation 5 is Physically Larger Than You Might Expect, Towers over Xbox Series X

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Yesterday Sony finally provided us with a first look at the PlayStation 5, revealing a unique futuristic contoured look. Opinion on the new design is mixed, it always is, but based on the images Sony provided, the PS5 looks sleek and streamlined, and I think many assumed it would definitely be the smaller of the two next-gen consoles. Well, not so fast.

Of course, the PS5 is sitting alone in the images Sony has provided, making it difficult to judge its size. That said, the PS5 does have a Blu-ray drive and a USB port, which have to be a standard size, so using those you can estimate the dimensions of the PS5, and well…time to start clearing some space in your entertainment unit. Here’s a handy comparison image created by Redditor GREBO7 (click for full resolution)…

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So yeah, while perhaps not as bulky overall, the PS5 towers over the Xbox Series X. It’s also larger than infamously chonky consoles like the original PS3 and Xbox One. Sony hasn’t provided any measurements for the PS5 yet, but the Xbox Series X is apparently 301mm, or around one foot, tall when stood up vertically. To my eye, the PS5 is another 25 percent taller than the XSX, so you’re looking at a machine with a height/length of around 375mm.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be that surprised about the size of the PS5, as the console’s dev kits appear to be massive and include an elaborate cooling system featuring a vapor chamber and six fans. The retail version of the PS5 is obviously very different than the dev kits, but clearly they’re still very focused on cooling. Here’s hoping this thing doesn’t sound like a jet engine taking off.

What are your thoughts on the overall chunkiness of the PlayStation 5? Are you going to be able to fit this thing under your TV?

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