Players Won’t Feel Too Much Difference on Next-Gen Because of Hardware Specs, Says Chernobylite Dev

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Since the release of the specifications of the next-gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony, gamers have been arguing on the pros and cons of each hardware. The PlayStation 5 has its high-speed SSD and the Tempest audio engine touted as advantages, while the Xbox Series X has roughly 2 additional TFLOPs of computing power thanks to its greater amount of Compute Units.

We recently interviewed The Farm 51 Creative Director Wojciech Pazdur on Chernobylite, the STALKER-inspired action/adventure game (currently out on Steam Early Access), and asked him whether that will translate into a meaningful difference for gamers. According to Pazdur, the skills of the developers and the tools used will make more of a difference than the next-gen hardware specs.

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I don’t think players will feel too much of the difference just because of the hardware specs, the same as they don’t feel it so hard for the current generation. All will be related to skills in the utilization of the tech and the engines used by developers. Even more, Uncharted 2 was so great on PlayStation 3, which was weaker than Xbox 360, and now Uncharted 4 is even greater on PlayStation 4, but not because this console is stronger than Xbox One. But I’m sure that proper SSD usage will lead us to some groundbreaking changes in development technologies and content production pipelines. And for the last 10 years, I was never so excited as I’m now to grab the Unreal Engine 5 and check what this baby really can do with all our 3D scans waiting to shine on the next generation of hardware.

We also asked Pazdur an opinion on the next-gen controllers of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

The best thing for me is that these next-gen controllers (finally) will be similar enough with shape to not disrupt my comfort when switching from one to the other. I’m happy that Sony ultimately agreed that the PSX-shaped gamepad is not the song of the future (even if, having not very massive hands, I always felt comfy with PS controller). Hard to say today if the extra features or parameters will play a big role – I was very enthusiastic about the PS4 controller on its release but at the end of the day, all the fancy features didn’t mean a lot to my gaming experiences.

Stay tuned for our full interview on Chernobylite.

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