Pixel Launcher Updated With Android 8.0 Oreo Features, Available For All Android Devices

Pixel Launcher 2.0 Oreo

Now that Google has made Android 8.0 Oreo official, it is now the turn for launchers to adopt the functionality and bring out their iterations. The first in the line is Pixel launcher version from developer AmirZ that has been updated with Oreo features. To recall, the first iteration of the launcher showed up in June 2017 bringing Google's Pixel Launcher to all Android device. Following the same trail, the version 2.0 is also available for all devices.

Pixel Launcher by AmirZ is based on the Android Open Source Project’s Launcher3, geared with nifty modifications from the developer. It looks and functions like the original Pixel Launcher found on Pixel phones. With the version 2.0, you will now be able to swipe down from any screen on your Android device to access the notification panel, change system icons without the need of turning on developer options, direct access to default calendar app just by tapping on the date widget on home screen.

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Besides, there are other small additions like the Pixel Blue accent colour in the launcher settings menu. One cool feature on this version is coloured notification dots (notification badge on Oreo) for devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above.

Pixel Launcher 2.0
Pixel Launcher 2.0
Pixel Launcher 2.0
Pixel Launcher 2.0
Pixel Launcher 2.0

Pixel features added to the Pixel Launcher 2.0

  • QSB with transparent rectangle, Google Pill and Date/Weather
  • Different colours of notification dots
  • Filter Google Wallpapers and Voice Search from the apps list
  • Use Google Wallpapers to select a wallpaper when available
  • Device profiles, margins, icon counts
  • Disabled partner customization like Motorola’s 4 columns
  • Google Now feed on the left of the normal workspace
  • Google Calendar app icon with the date

List of additional features that come with the version 2.0

  • Pull down for notifications
  • Oreo theme backported to older OS versions with Pixel Blue accent colour
  • Notification dots backported to Marshmallow
  • Automatically prompts for notification access so you won’t have to dig through settings menus
  • Fix Android 8 checks so Nexus devices can use all new features
  • Show icon shapes on Android 8 without developer settings enabled
  • Pressing the date widget opens the default calendar app
  • Keyboard properly closes when returning to the home screen from any app
  • Symmetrical hotseat
  • Filter Google Now Launcher from the apps list
  • Pinch to overview
  • Samsung Secure Folder compatibility
  • Backport of circle icons

You can download the Rootless Pixel Launcher 2.0.2 APK from here, there have been some issues on the 2.1 file that was posted earlier by AmirZ. Being an APK file, download it at your own risk as Google has not verified it.

Those who are unfamiliar with the APK file sideloading process, here's how you can install the Pixel Launcher 2.0. Before we proceed, make sure you uninstall the previous Pixel Launcher version that you have on your phone.

  • Download the file from here
  • After the download is completed, go to your device's Settings > Security and turn on "Unknown Sources" option
  • Now go to downloads and select the APK file and install
  • After installation, press the home button and open the newly added Launcher 3 app

Will you download the Pixel Launcher for your phone? Let us know in the comments section below.


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