Google Wallpapers & Pixel Launcher Hit the Play Store – Wallpapers App Open to Non-Google Devices


Exclusive to Google's latest Pixel and Pixel XL, Google has now launched the Google Pixel Launcher and Wallpapers app on the Google Play store. Mountain View tech giant has been adding its stock apps to the Play store for direct and streamlined update process.

Pixel Launcher and Wallpapers hit the Store

While the Pixel Launcher, previously known as the Nexus Launcher, is available for download on Google Play, the app remains exclusive to the latest Pixel smartphones. Pixel Launcher has been doing rounds through APKs, and has also become part of several custom ROMs, helping non-Pixel users enjoy the newly-designed launcher. Officially, it is still exclusive to the Pixel and Pixel XL despite the launch on Play Store.

However, users can now download the new Google Wallpapers app, that was also believed to be limited to Pixel duo. This Wallpapers app is essentially a wallpaper picker that was leaked through APKs earlier, but Android users can now download the new app if they own a Nexus, Pixel, Samsung, or any other Android device.

Google Wallpapers will offer you a selection of wallpapers, including those that come with your own device. The app also pulls wallpapers from third-party apps, and swaps your wallpaper from the category you choose. Wallpapers can also choose a new image each day from this selected category.

Enjoy a collection that keeps on growing. Access images from Google Earth, Google+, and other partners.
Double your fun. Show the world one wallpaper on your lock screen, and keep one for yourself on your home screen. (Requires Android™ 7.0, Nougat, and above.)
Start each day fresh. Pick your favorite category and you’ll get a new wallpaper image each day.

You can download the new Google Wallpapers app from the Play Store. Here's the link to download the Pixel Launcher, which - to remind our readers - is still exclusive to Pixel and Pixel XL.