Pixel 6 Phones Are Accidentally Calling Random Contacts

Pixel 6 Phones Are Accidentally Calling Random Contacts

The Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro are among the best phones that Google has made in a long, long time. Both phones offer some of the best specs and excellent price tags, as well. However, at the moment, both phones seem to have some bugs when it comes to software, and the recent one is funnier.

Pixel 6 Phones Are Bringing the Fear of Butt Dialing to a Reality

A Reddit thread has talked about how both Pixel 6 variants are currently going through a bug that ends up accidentally calling random contacts. The thread did feature several people who have mentioned the same glitch, showing that this is not an isolated issue. Many had even pointed out that the phone was in their pockets when the number was dialed.

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Currently, the usual suspect happens to be Google Assistant, registering phone call commands. Still, some Reddit users have noted that the calling bug while they were asleep or while their environment was quiet. This goes to show that this is not just Google Assistant misinterpreting the situation.

Some users on Google's Pixel Community had also reported the issue and said that the alleged butt dial happened when their phone was in their pockets. A few users said that the phones would dial the same contact rather than random contact each time, forcing them to delete the phone number as a workaround. Some Redditor's have claimed that they have disabled Assistant's lock screen functionality to fix the bug.

Google has not commented on the issue plaguing the Pixel 6 devices, but judging by the issue and what it does, it does not seem like a severe one, but we do hope that Google does release a fix for this in the future update.

Have you encountered this butt dialing glitch on your Pixel 6? Let us know.

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