Pixel 4’s Personal Safety App Can Now Be Sideloaded on Older Pixels

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One of the lesser-known features of the Google Pixel 4 was car crash detection. It launched alongside the device and only works in the United States for now. Furthermore, it was a Pixel 4 exclusive, with no word about when it would make its way to older devices. Now, XDA Developers has managed to extract version 1.1.286909525  of the Personal Safety app from the Android 11 developer preview. You can now sideload it on any Google Pixel phone.

Car Crash Detection is a part of the Pixel's Personal Safety app. It uses your phone's location, accelerometer, and microphone data to determine if you and your vehicle have been involved in a collision. If your Pixel thinks that you’ve been in a car accident, then the Personal Safety app will play a loud sound and then ask if you need further assistance. If you interact with the app stating you're ok, the phone will then ask you what went wrong. You'll still have the ability to contact emergency services, though.

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In the event that you have not interacted with your device for a set period, the phone will automatically dial 911 and share your location with emergency services. You can also configure Personal Safety in such a way that your phone will attempt to get in touch with a contact of your choice, along with emergency services. Very often, people in car crashes don't have the option to speak to emergency services, and that's where the power of Google Duplex will come in. The Google Assistant will be able to speak to emergency responders and provide them with critical information such as your location.

You can download the Pixel 4's Personal Safety app using this link. Bear in mind that it does not work on non-Pixel phones yet. Should you have trouble going past the emergency contact screen, XDA recommends that you grant the app all of its requisite permissions from your device's settings.

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