Pixel 4 Camera to Include ‘Motion Mode’ and Improved Night Sight


The Pixel 4 is expected to make its release late next month. We already know what it looks like, based on some earlier leaks. We also know that it will feature a 90Hz screen, among other things. Today, 9to5google received some more information about Google's upcoming flagship. This time around, the information is camera-centric. According to their tipster, the Pixel 4's camera will come with improved Night Sight and a feature called 'Motion Mode.'

Motion Mode, as the name suggests, will allow the Pixel 4 camera to shoot moving objects with greater precision. It could be something like the video stabilization feature in the Galaxy Note 10, but in this case, its the object that is not stationary. The second feature hinted was an improved version of Night Sight, which can now even assist in photographing astronomical objects such as stars.

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Another leak by XDA Developers points at the Pixel 4's camera capping out at 8x zoom, but it isn't clear if this is lossless. We don't know if this is optical or a mix of an optical and digital zoom effect, but it does place an upper bound on what you could see. A periscope-style camera is also likely, and that would be a legitimately good thing for the Pixel's camera prowess. The primary sensor on the Pixel 4 is expected to be 16-megapixels and the secondary sensor 12-megapixels.

The same tipster confirmed an earlier leak about the Pixel 4 shipping with 6GB of RAM. It isn't surprising in the slightest, considering that even mid-range devices today come with that much. Does an Android Phone need astronomical amounts of RAM? That's a discussion for another day. If things are the same way as they were with Pixel 3, we should expect more such 'leaks' to surface in the coming days.