I’m a Pirate but I’m Caught Dammit!

What's up with the world now? I am in no way advocating piracy here but then again slapping a fine of $2 Million for downloading 24 songs illegally. Then let's see the show of compassion by the Judge for scaling it down to $54,000. That is $2,250 per song. This is simply outrageous and sheer stupid on RIAA part for doing such an act. Yes the poor woman did the wrong thing by downloading songs through P2P but then again, ban P2P in the first place.

I tell you, this is all a conspiracy as if P2P is banned across US, the Internet Service Providers will start loosing customers as everyone using their unlimited accounts for file sharing will stop using it thus making the entire infrastructure less productive. We all know that if the costs are not met, companies shut down. Therefore, ISP Association will not let the ban happen, so this is the only way RIAA can make money [but is the money paid to the artists whose songs are stolen].

On one side, there is freedom to use Internet but then again the US law says that downloading songs and sharing them is illegal unless bought online or offline [sharing is still illegal]. They should answer just one question, if I buy a CD then legally it is my property and not the artist and if I want to share the songs then I should be able to share my property. This is just a flaw of the system and nothing else and RIAA is scared to admit it.

I think if the cost per song is less than 50cents [not the singer, duh!] then the artist and the record label will be able to sell more records thus making more money and in the process reaching out to more people. Think over it!

Anyhow, the poor soul [aka the pirate Jammie Thomas-Rasset] have no option but to pay-up and she mentions that in her statement too saying; "Obviously, I still won't be able to come up with 54 grand to pay this off. But that's a decision that I, right at this moment, I still don't have to make."

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