Photoshop for iPad will get missing features after launch, Illustrator for iPad coming in 2020


Adobe has planned an aggressive list of updates for Photoshop for iPad, after version 1 ships in 2019. Over time, the company is planning to bring its iPad app to the same level of features that its desktop counterpart has. Adobe is also working on previewing Illustrator for iPad in November and releasing it to all users in 2020.

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Photoshop for iPad

It was recently revealed by Bloomberg that Photoshop for iPad will launch with missing features like custom paintbrush libraries, smart objects, RAW editing, layer styles, color spaces and more. Any Photoshop user would know that these tools are really important in most professional workflows. Users who have been beta testing the app for iPad have already been sharing their concerns that a lack of these features hampers their usage of the app.

However, John Gruber of Daring Fireball has written a piece which shows that Adobe is well aware of the shortcomings of the first Photoshop for iPad release and has a plan in place to rapidly add features to the app.

What I’ve heard, from multiple reliable sources, is that Adobe is genuinely all-in on Photoshop for iPad. They view it as a serious, top-shelf project for creative professionals. The team of engineers working on it has grown significantly from a year ago, and they have plans to add features iteratively on an aggressive schedule. It’s reasonable to be disappointed that it isn’t further along feature-count-wise, but anyone who cares about Photoshop for iPad as a long-term product should be very excited about its foundation, direction, and the attention Adobe is paying to the fine details of a touch-first Photoshop UI.

The app uses the same core engine as its desktop counterpart. Porting it to the iPad means that the base is ready and features can be built on top with minimal issues. Adobe had never committed to launch Photoshop on iPad with the full feature set of its desktop counterpart, right form the get-go. The expectations were set as such because Bloomberg had leaked the news, along with their iPad Pro leaks, and mentioned that the full version of Photoshop will be coming to the iPad. Either way, it is great news for users to find out that Adobe is fully committed towards Photoshop for iPad as one of their main apps of the future.

Mark Gurman, who wrote the Bloomberg piece, later tweeted the following:

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Adobe has notified Photoshop for iPad testers that the following features will come LATER, confirming our story that a lot is missing: Rotate canvas, shapes/paths, custom brushes + fonts, color swatches, curve adjustment, smart objects, grids/guides + more

Photoshop for iPad was announced last year when Apple launched the redesigned iPad Pro. The performance on display was absolutely amazing and pointed towards a new era of productivity on iPad. Since then, users have been waiting for the app to see whether it will be powerful enough to make them move from their existing Mac or Windows PC setups to the iPad.

Illustrator for iPad

Another piece by Bloomberg has confirmed that the next Adobe CC app to launch on iPad after Photoshop, would be Illustrator. This is great news as Illustrator is widely used for vector based drawings, and is one of the best apps available in the industry for this purpose.

Adobe will be previewing the app at their Max conference in November, while the app will be launched in 2020, as part of the company's Creative Cloud subscription.