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Phillips Releases New 27″ Curved VA Panel With 1080P FreeSync The Philips 278E9


MMD, the technology company and brand license partner for Philips monitors, is releasing the 278E9, which is the latest addition to their E9 line of consumer displays which are known for high-quality image and eye-catching designs. The 278E9 offers a curved 27-inch narrow-border Ultra-Wide Color Full HD display for realistic visuals and extra wide viewing angles in addition to AMD FreeSync for a smooth and more fully immersive user experience.

Philips Announces New 278E9 Monitor For £199 ($264)

While being equipped with a 27-inch Ultra Wide-Color LCD display, the 278E9 monitor has a wider color gamut than its predecessors, resulting in more natural-looking greens, more vivid reds, deeper blues, and an overall more brilliant picture. In addition, enhanced Full HD 1920 x 1080 (16:9) resolution ensures excellent picture quality with crisp detail, extra brightness, powerful contrast, and realistic colors for lifelike guru image rendering Though many professionals may opt for something with a higher resolution. The 278E9 also features a multitude of additional features for user comfort. "Flicker-Free Technology" regulates brightness and reduces flicker which should reduce eyestrain, while Philips LowBlue Mode uses smart software to reduce harmful shortwave blue light for greater wellbeing. In addition to these, EasyRead provides a paper-like reading experience, SmartImage ensures easy optimised image settings, and SmartContrast delivers deep black levels for visuals that pop.

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The 278E9 features a curved VA display that can reach up to 1800R curvature for more immersive experiences with less distortion. Philips VA LED technology uses an advanced multi-domain vertical alignment approach that results in super-high static contrast ratios for bright, vivid images, while its optimised pixel management provides 178/178-degree extra-wide viewing angles. Photo editing, web browsing, movie watching, and graphics work thus become more immersive than ever. With the addition of AMD FreeSync technology, the 278E9 delivers a fluid, artefact-free performance at virtually any frame rate. To complete the immersive effect, the display includes a pair of high-quality built-in stereo speakers.

The Philips 278E9 is slimmer and more elegant than ever. Its high-end design features a three-sided ultra-narrow bezel border display for a smooth, seamless appearance, minimal distractions, and maximum viewing size. Available in a glossy black finish with a stylish brushed metal stand that can be tilted -5°/20°, the monitor also comes with a VESA mount for added convenience.