Phasmophobia Halloween Update is One of Its Biggest Yet, Includes New Map, Ghosts, More

Nathan Birch

It’s that time of year when live service games of all types get in on the spooky action, and the popular co-op scare ‘em up Phasmophobia is certainly getting in on the fun. The game’s “Nightmare” update is one of its biggest yet, adding a new Campsite map, several ghost types, the super-challenging Nightmare difficulty, and more. There’s no trailer, but you can check out a quick walkthrough of the new map courtesy of YouTuber Shuee 01, below.

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Phasmophobia Update Adds Customizable Difficulty, New Maps in Time for Spooky Season

Here’s a rundown of the new content included in the Phasmophobia Nightmare Update…

Maple Lodge Campsite

A brand new medium sized map featuring picnic areas, games, multiple tents, a cabin and haunted lake.

  • Maple Lodge Campsite has more unique objects, higher object density and more visual detail.
  • Minimum specification computers should have no issues, but if you may see FPS drops
  • Other locations will receive more detail and more unique objects at a later date
  • Future locations will receive a new truck mini-map design to be consistent with Maple Lodge Campsite

Difficulty Rework

Amateur: Recommended for new Ghost Hunters!

  • Long setup time
  • Long hunt grace period
  • Short hunt duration
  • Sanity pills restore a lot of sanity
  • Regain half of your lost equipment's value if you die

Intermediate: The standard Ghost Huntin’ experience

  • Average setup time
  • Average hunt grace period
  • Average hunt duration
  • Sanity pills restore some sanity
  • Fuse box starts off
  • Fewer places to hide
  • Regain some of your lost equipment’s value if you die

Professional: For experienced Ghost hunters

  • The ghost can very rarely change its preferred room after moving
  • No setup time
  • Short hunt grace period
  • Long hunt duration
  • Sanity pills restore little sanity
  • Fuse box starts off
  • Much fewer hiding places

Nightmare Difficulty

  • Ghosts will not reveal one type of evidence
  • The ghost will sometimes change its preferred room after moving
  • No setup time
  • Shortest hunt grace period
  • Long hunt duration
  • Kills extend the current hunt’s duration
  • Sanity pills restore much less sanity
  • Fuse box starts off
  • Almost no hiding places
  • Paranormal interference has damaged some of your monitoring equipment


Each time you start a contract, the location will have different weather, adding new layers of gameplay and making each contract feel unique. Change in temperature will make finding the ghost's location more difficult, rain or wind will impair your hearing, and a thick fog will reduce visibility.

  • Clear Skies
  • Fog
  • Light Rain
  • Heavy Rain
  • Strong Wind
  • Light Snow

Ouija Board

The Ouija Board didn’t make as much sense as we’d like, so it’s been revamped. You now trade Sanity for information, and are penalized less if you don’t get a response.

  • The Ouija board will now lower your sanity greatly when the ghost responds
  • If the ghost doesn’t respond you will only lose a small fraction of sanity
  • Demon’s have had their weakness changed to reflect these changes

Other Additions

  • Several new ghost types have been sighted. These new ghost types have an increased chance to spawn for the duration of the Halloween event: Onryo, The Twins, Obake, Raiju
  • When crouching, the players collider now shrinks to match the player model
  • Ghosts will now disrupt electronic equipment whenever they are visible
  • Ghosts can now blow out lighters similar to candles
  • Using the walkie-talkie will now attract the ghost during hunts
  • The walkie-talkie will now only play static sounds when near the ghost
  • Lighters and candles will now extinguish when outside in heavy rain and when thrown
  • The truck map screen has received new icons
  • The ghost can now interact with several showers in certain locations
  • You can now place sound and motion sensors on floors

Of course, there’s also been a number of smaller bug fixes, balance tweaks, and changes – you can check out the full, unabridged patch notes for Phasmophobia ver. 0.4.0, right here.

Phasmophobia is available in Early Access via Steam. The Nightmare update can be downloaded now.

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