Phasmophobia Update Adds Customizable Difficulty, New Maps in Time for Spooky Season

Nathan Birch

That spooky season is almost here, and multiplayer horror game Phasmophobia has just dropped its biggest update in almost a year. Players can look forward to a couple of additional maps, a new custom difficulty system, and the Apocalypse event. You can get the rundown on all the new content included in Phasmophobia ver. 0.7.0, below.

New Locations

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  • Sunny Meadows Mental Institution - The Asylum has been completely recreated from the ground up, featuring more distinctive room designs, a morgue, hospital wing, courtyard, and experimental area. Be warned, the ghost will lock each wing's main door when it hunts, so prepare an escape route while you're safe.
  • Sunny Meadows Mental Institution (RESTRICTED) - Sunny Meadows is not only a large location but five small locations in one! The new location selection board allows you to vote to play a smaller, more restricted version of the asylum. Each time you enter, you will be given a random section to investigate, with the other sections blocked off or locked. This should help those who prefer playing smaller maps, and offer some variety each time you play! Unlocked at level 22.
  • Camp Woodwind - A small version of Maple Lodge Campsite, featuring a brand new layout and much fewer rooms. Perfect for those looking for a quick outdoor retreat! Unlocked at level 19.

Custom Difficulty

A new difficulty where you can create your own games! Modify existing difficulties or create your own, come up with crazy challenges or just have fun. Each option is tied to a reward multiplier, so you can still earn money and XP from your Custom games.


  • Sanity Pill restoration amount
  • Starting sanity
  • Sanity drain speed multiplier
  • Sprinting use allowance
  • Sprint recharge time
  • Sprint duration
  • Flashlights being broken
  • Losing Items on death toggle
  • Player speed multiplier


  • Number of evidence given
  • Chance of changing favorite Room
  • Interaction amount
  • Event frequency
  • Hunt duration
  • Grace period duration
  • Fingerprint chance
  • Fingerprint duration
  • Disable hunts
  • Kills extending hunts
  • Roaming frequency
  • Ghost speed multiplier


  • Setup time
  • Weather
  • Number of doors starting open
  • Amount of hiding places
  • Sanity monitor state
  • Activity monitor state
  • Fuse box map visibility
  • Fuse box starting state
  • Cursed Possessions quantity
  • Cursed Possession choice(s)

Apocalypse Event

"With Custom Difficulty we’d like to invite you to participate in the Apocalypse Challenge v2 (thanks to our extra testers yesterday). The event will start in the coming days, keep your eyes peeled for an announcement on discord. Earn yourself 3 unique trophies for your collectible cabinet, just by playing the game!"

To earn the trophies, simply do the following:

  • In Single-player, complete all 4 objectives and get a ghost photo in Sunny Meadows Mental Institution with the following Custom difficulty multipliers
  • 15x or more: bronze
  • 20x or more: silver
  • 24x or more: gold
  • Show off your trophies in your display cabinet!

Phasmophobia update 0.7.0 also includes the usual array of fixes, balance tweaks, and other small changes. If you’d like to know about those, you can check out the full, unabridged patch notes, right here.

Phasmophobia is currently available on PC in early access. A full release is expected sometime next year.

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