Phanteks Announces Gorgeous Evolv Shift 2 and Shift Air PC Cases


Phanteks has introduced two new PC cases, the Evolv Shift 2 and the Evolv Shift 2 Air PC cases. These two PC cases further expand on the previous Evolv Shift PC case series, improving the vertical ITX chassis. Both of these PC cases are stated to be available later in December 2020, with the Evolv Shift 2 having a price of $109.99 and the Evolv Shift 2 Air having a price of $99.99.

The Evolv Shift 2 and the Air version of the PC cases are expected to be available in December with improved airflow.

These two Evolv Shift 2 PC cases have similar designs, a Satin Black color, and an Anthracite Grey color. These cases have a vertical ITX chassis creating a smaller desk footprint when compared to the standard ITX PC cases. These cases fit into nearly any environment, being either a professional environment or a gaming environment.

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Source: Phanteks

These cases can support up to three 120 mm fans for cooling, with support for a single 120 mm AIO liquid cooler. The free fans can be mounted on the side panel to act as exhausts while a single 120 mm fan pulls in air from the bottom panel.

These cases offer the same compatibility for the larger PC components, including support for an SFX or an SFX-L power supplies and a maximum cooler height of 85 mm. The graphics card compatibility includes a 335 mm long, up to a 2.9 slot cooler, and a maximum GPU width of 150 mm.

The Evolv Shift 2 PC case features two tempered glass side panels allowing for easy access to all the PC components, while the Air version of the PC case uses two mesh panels allowing for increased airflow. The mesh is made from durable nylon and features an ultra-fine textile to keep the dust out from the PC case's interior.

Source: Phanteks

These PC cases offer easy access to the IO on the motherboard and the graphics card due to the vertical orientation. The IO is concealed by a top panel and is released by a simple push and release locking design.

Both of these cases are stated to have availability later in December, with the Evolv Shift 2 having a listed price of $109.99 while the Mesh panel version features a lowered price tag of $99.99