Pearl Abyss Showcases Stunning Debut Trailers for Crimson Desert, PLAN 8 and DokeV MMO Games

Alessio Palumbo
Pearl Abyss Lineup

Pearl Abyss, the South Korean developer known for Black Desert Online, has showcased today the debut trailers of the new three MMO games it had announced earlier this month. All three of these titles are running on the company's next-generation evolution of the proprietary engine that powers BDO.

The most familiar to Black Desert Online fans will be Crimson Desert, a fantasy MMO that started development in 2018. Pearl Abyss initially intended for this to be a prequel to Black Desert Online, but they have eventually decided to make it its own IP. So far, the main departure from BDO appears to be the presence of a full-fledged single-player campaign centered around Macduff, the leader of a ragtag band of mercenaries struggling to survive in the harsh continent of Pywel. In addition to that, Pearl Abyss also promised plenty of MMO content. The developers are currently aiming to get a beta test out for PC and console at some point next year.

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The most surprising, at least in our opinion, is PLAN 8. An 'exosuit MMO shooter' whose development is benefitting from the expertise of Minh Le (co-creator of Counter-Strike), PLAN 8 is set in a sci-fi world where players will be able to do wallrunning in a manner not unlike Titanfall, as well as using exosuits to fight machines that resembled those seen in Terminator.

This project seems to be the farthest from release, as the official press release contained no indication of dates at all.

DokeV, on the other hand, is getting a beta test in 2020 according to Pearl Abyss. This is going to be a family-friendly MMO that's all about collecting the various creatures that populate the game world, in a clear nod to Pokémon.

Our Kai is on-site at G-STAR 2019 and will be able to get us more information on the lineup. Stay tuned!

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