PC Gamer’s October issue Details Batman: Arkham City, Confirms DX11, PhysX and 3D Vision Support on PC


PC Gamer will be detailing RockSteady's upcoming title "Batman: Arkham City" in its October Issue (US). Sequel to the highly acclaimed Batman Arkham Asylum would release on 18th October 2011 Worldwide on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 platform.

According to the issue, The upcoming title would feature DX11, PhysX and 3D Vision Support on PC. This means we would be looking forward to tessellation, Advanced DOF effects which would offer a much more detailed environment, Also added support for PhysX would make combat experience better. Here's from the issue:

Those straying away from the purchase of the console version and deciding to give the mouse and keyboard a go will be delighted to learn the highly praised PhysX engine and DirectX 11 effects will continue to shine. Notes the writer, "Even ignoring the absence of [these PC exclusives] (such as tessellation, fog, and more loose trash in the streets) -- holy crap, do the console textures look poor by comparison."

In [the courthouse battle], the not-so-subtle PhysX enhancement causes a wooden wall to splinter as inmates are flung against it.

If you happen to be near a wall or rail, Batman transforms it into an instrument of justice by slamming a goon against it. This new technique is seamlessly integrated into the "free flow" combat system the franchise is becoming famous for much like the cape stuns, takedowns, Batarangs, and throws from Asylum.

Batman Arkham City could also be the first game to feature the new version of Unreal Engine which was demonstrated through the Samaritan Demo detailed here. Some real good news for the PC Audience :D. Check out source for more details.