Google Will Help You Pair Important Stuff With Your Mobile Phone So You Don’t Leave Them Behind

Ahmed Bilal

It is almost every day that I leave my glasses, my wallet or my keys behind when I'm going out somewhere and it’s natural to forget little things but Google is trying to change that. According to a new patent by Google, a new system is announced that will enable the users to pair their mobile phones with the usual items that they feel most likely would be left back at home or workplace when they leave such as the items I almost always leave behind. This device alarms the users by sensing if there’s anything left of the items paired with the mobile phone while moving out of the range specified by the user by using a simple short-range wireless technology.

No more useful things left behind, unless you forget your mobile phone

The pairing of the mobile device with the items and objects prescribed by the user by using short-range wireless tech including Bluetooth, RuBee, frequency identification (RFID), Near Field Communication (NFC) and some other wireless communication sensing technologies at hand. This device system also allows the users to control and manage the minimum distance that should be present before the alarm goes off notifying the users that something has been left behind while leaving the house. The type of alarm to be used can also be altered by the user. Along with that the regularity or the time-lapse of the device checking whether the paired items are present nearby or not can be settled by the user according to the their own wish.


This patent seems quiet fascinating and attention-grabbing since it shows how Google is trying to stand aside of the typical Android products by giving its users a complete unique experience to cherish. And this may lead to users preferring Android over iOS in case Apple doesn't produce anything of a similar sort. Although these user friendly technologies do not use cutting edge technology but this surely is something to be excited about. You can view the patent here.

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