Michael Pachter Says Xbox One X Preorders Are Being Extrapolated By Microsoft; Likely To Have Sold Around 1 Million This Holiday

Aernout van de Velde
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Xbox One X pre-orders are being extrapolated by Microsoft according to gaming and technology analyst Michael Pachter.

Preorders for the upcoming Xbox One X console went live two weeks ago following Microsoft’s Gamescom 2017 press conference, and according to Microsoft, the console has become the fastest-selling Xbox console pre-order to date.

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During his most recent episode of Pachter Factor on YouTube, the Wedbush Security analyst mentioned the Xbox One X pre-orders and stated that only “a couple” were likely preordered.

On that topic, Xbox One X is ranked on Amazon in the pre-orders a year to date, last I looked number 66. I believe the NES Classic was at number 23. It sold 2.3 million units lifetime, and you know that the bulk of those units were sold last year, so this year maybe a million, so if Xbox One X is ranked 48th bellow that, it`s not even close to a million, and of course the Amazon allocation is probably five or ten thousand units, so don`t fall for the bullshit that comes out of Windows Central that tells you that this is the fastest pre-ordered console and Xbox history. They only have a couple. The original Xbox didn`t have big pre-orders. The Xbox 360, maybe, but honesty, who was pre-ordering consoles back then, so of course this is the most pre-ordered, because they are much more organized, and they`re marketing to an install base of 30-35 million Xbox Live Gold members, so of course they`re heavily pre-ordered.

Pachter called out to website Windows Central for reporting on Xbox One X pre-order numbers, but later apologized to its senior editor, Jez Corden. “I apologize to @JezCorden and WindowsCentral”, Pachter tweeted. ”They did nothing wrong. My "500 units" AMZN claim was poetic license intended to mean "small"”.

In a series of follow up tweets, the gaming and tech analyst went on to say that the allocation for Xbox One X consoles was “very small”.

According to Pachter, Microsoft will likely have sold around 1 million Xbox One X units globally at holiday, which isn’t a huge success.

Do you think Pachter is right about Xbox One X preorders being extrapolated by Microsoft? How many units will Microsoft likely sell? Hit the comments below.

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