Pacer Shows Off Blistering Wipeout-Style Racing in a Release Date Reveal Trailer


At one time, the futuristic anti-gravity racer ruled the roost, but series like Wipeout and F-Zero have fallen out of favor in recent years. Thankfully, new futuristic racer Pacer is coming to fill that high-speed hole in your heart. Pacer has been in development for some time now, an Early Access version was released all the way back in 2015, but a full release is almost here and the game is looking good. You can check out the game’s latest trailer, below.

Pacer Review – Anti-Gravity Racing for Professionals

I like what I see! Pacer’s tracks definitely pack in a nice amount of detail considering how fast the game moves. Need to know more about? You can check out our latest hands-on Pacer preview here, and a rundown of the game’s key features, below.

2075: The Pacer World Championship has become the new apex of anti-gravity motorsport, delivering high-speed racing across the world’s most dangerous and challenging circuits. Corporations from all over the globe race against each other in a battle of technical and piloting prowess with the aim of winning the championship and achieving ultimate victory.

  • Highly customizable craft – Choose from five craft types, then head to the garage to fully customize your look, performance tuning and weaponry
  • Race the world – With 14 unique and challenging tracks with interchangeable variants (Night, Mirrored, Reverse) giving up to 8 different ways to race any given circuit
  • Choose your mode – With 8 game modes including Elimination, Endurance and Pacer’s unique ‘Flowmentum’ and Battle Royale inspired ‘Storm’ modes.
  • Campaign mode – Develop from a trainee Pilot and advance through 10 unique race teams to become the Pacer world champion.
  • Optimised for Online – with 10 player online multiplayer, Online Ranked Mode to see how you compete against the best in the world and Online Tournament/Spectator Mode for easy streaming and fun events at all levels.
  • OST – featuring original tracks created by Tim Wright aka CoLD SToRAGE.

Pacer races onto PC (via Steam), Xbox One, and PS4 on September 17.