[UPDATED] The Outer Worlds Switch Delayed Due to Coronavirus; Game Will Now Be Released on Cartridge Instead of Digital


[Update] Publisher Private Division has confirmed to us that the game will also still release digitally. Instead of available digital-only, The Outer Worlds will also launch on Cartridge.

[Original story] The Outer Worlds Switch is being delayed due to the Coronavirus impacting the game’s developer, publisher Private Division has confirmed.

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The Switch version of Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds is being handled by Asian developer Virtuos. The game was slated for a release on Nintendo’s hybrid platform next month, but its release has now been moved forward. According to publisher Private Division, the decision to delay the game has been made to give the team enough time to properly finish the game as the Virtuos studio has remained closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

“We’re delaying The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch due to the coronavirus impacting the Virtuos team working on the port, to provide them enough time to finish development”, the publisher writes on Twitter.

Private Division adds, “to clarify, the team at Virtuos is ok, but their office has remained closed during this time. We're working with the team to determine an updated development timeline, and will share more regarding a new launch date shortly.”

The game would initially be released as a digital-only title, but Virtuos and Private Division have now confirmed a release of the action-RPG on cartridge.

“We’ll now be releasing the physical version on cartridge”, Private Division writes. “Once we have a new launch date, we’ll let you know!”

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Virtuos announced that it would be working on the Switch port of The Outer Worlds back in August of last year. “Virtuos is thrilled to be the official partner responsible for the adaptation of Obsidian Entertainment’s latest entry, The Outer Worlds on the Nintendo Switch!”, the developer wrote. “This exciting news came from the official announcement trailer of The Outer Worlds from Nintendo, revealing plans for the launch of the upcoming single-player sci-fi RPG on consoles and PC.”

The Outer Worlds is available now for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. The Switch version will be released at a future date.