Our Favorite Cube Shaped Power Strip with USB Ports is Just $16.99 Right Now

Uzair Ghani

The Anker PowerPort Cube is currently just $16.99 and it is our favorite power strip for a load of reasons.

Bag the Anker PowerPort Cube Power Strip for an Amazingly Low Price of Just $16.99 Today

Buying a power strip is no longer a boring thing. A long time ago, you would walk into a store and buy the one which had the most, or least, AC outlets, suiting your requirements. Now, we have power strips that do so much more. They now include built-in USB ports, and only recently USB-C ports. Needless to say that things are getting exciting in the power strip department and Anker makes one which is our favorite for a lot of reasons. It happens to be on discount too!

Priced at an epic $20, the PowerPort Cube is now floating at a price of just $16.99. But the big question is: what do you get for that price? Quite a lot actually. Like a regular power strip, this one features 3 AC ports for powering and charging your regular wares. But things start to get interesting when you take into account that this power strip features 3 USB-A ports for charging phones, tablets, cameras and more. What this means is this: you don’t have to worry about carrying 3 extra wall chargers for charging the devices in your pockets.

This power strip is super handy to have with you especially if you find yourself on the road or traveling around. I’ll go as far as classifying this accessory as a must-have.

Buy Anker PowerPort Cube USB Power Strip with 3 Outlets and 3 USB Ports - Was $20, now just $16.99

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