Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi Unveil Their Version of AirDrop


Earlier last year, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi announced that they were working on a cross-platform file transfer application. While there are OEM-specific solutions such as Samsung Smart Switch and Files, Android still does not have a reliable way to transfer files across devices. Users still have to rely on third-party applications to get the job done. Vivo, OPPO and Xiaomi have established the "Peer-to-Peer Transmission Alliance" to provide users with an unparalleled file transfer experience. According to Vivo's press release:

Today, mobile phone giants vivo, OPPO and Xiaomi announced their partnership to bring an innovative new wireless file transfer system to consumers around the world. An initiative of the newly formed "Peer-to-Peer Transmission Alliance", the new system enables seamless cross-brand file transfer with just one click.

The file transfer system will allow Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi smartphone users to seamlessly transfer files across devices. Like most third-party solutions, it uses a combination of Bluetooth and a peer to peer Wi-Fi connection for the data transfer. It can hit speeds up to 20 MB/s and the wireless P2P operation reportedly does not interfere with the device's existing WiFi connection.

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There will be a dedicated button baked into all three devices' Android forks that will allow users to make use of the feature. Once it is switched on, one simply needs to select the files that they wish to share. Vivo says that the feature should start rolling out to eligible devices starting February 2020.

Is this Android's answer to AirDrop?

Yes and no. While AirDrop allows you to seamlessly transfer data between eligible devices, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi's solution is restricted to these three OEMs. Google could, of course, opt to chip in and roll something out on a larger scale. Maybe we might see just that in Android 11.

Android's file-sharing predicament is a rather unique one. Back in the day, one used to rely on good old' Bluetooth to get the job done. Now that files are much larger, Bluetooth simply isn't snappy enough. Android is in dire need of a file-sharing solution and we hope that this incentivizes Google to create one.