Google Adds New Features to Files Go

Ever since the conceptualization of Android Go; a lightweight rendition of the Android operating system for devices with limited processing power and older hardware, we've seen a series of apps tailored to it. Some of those include Maps Go, Gboard Go and Files Go. Getting a hold of the Go version of apps can be a bit of a pain, considering that there are no devices running Android Go yet.

The exception to the rule, however, is Files Go. It is freely available in the Play Store. Files Go is Google's long overdue file managing app that not only lets you navigate the contents of your device, but also provides suggestions on how to how to cut down on the clutter and save memory. You can find out more about its features and more here.

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Since its release, Google claims that the app has been downloaded by more than 10 million people and every user has cleaned up more than 1.1 gigabytes of space on average. However, one key feature Files Go lacked was support for SD cards, something which a lot of people still use.

Today, Google has added three new features, so managing files is even faster and more efficient. Here's what's new, according to the official Google page.

SD cards: We’ve expanded our SD card support since many of you use SD cards to backup important files. With one tap in the list or grid view, you can easily filter to see files stored on your SD card.

Tablets: Files Go now runs on tablets so you can manage storage and transfer files between your small and big screen Android devices without using any data.

Opening files in other apps: You can also customize which apps open your files with our new “Open with” flow. This should give you greater flexibility and control when handling all types of files. For example, to open PDF files, you may want to use your favorite PDF viewing app and that’s now possible.

Nothing really sticks out about the changes, other than the added SD card support. One of the many problems people have with Stock Android is the lack of a decent file manager we're hoping Files Go will be integrated with future versions on Android to save users the trouble of downloading third-party solutions from questionable sources. The latest version can be downloaded from the Play Store.

News Source: Google

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