OnePlus Z Could Cost as Low as $299, Teases Carl Pei

Furqan Shahid
OnePlus Z

OnePlus Z should be releasing next month and so far, we have been treated with a lot of information about the device. It is shaping up to a great value for money with great specifications as well. However, the one thing that we cannot understand is the price of the phone. There has been some speculation that the device is going to cost under $350, which is not all that expensive and makes sense.

However, the latest teaser from Carl Pei has now raised more questions than ever.

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OnePlus Z Could Launch With a $299 Price Tag, Undercutting iPhone SE and Pixel 4a

Now, the whole speculation is just a shot in the dark at best. But co-founder Carl Pei shared a tweet from 2014, of the original OnePlus One, and the tweet said, 'It's been a while..." You can look at the tweet below.

Now, for all it matters, this could mean nothing at all. Or considering how companies have a way of teasing something, this could also mean that the upcoming OnePlus Z could cost $299. We did think that maybe Pei is talking about taking design elements from the original OnePlus, but we have already seen so many leaks, and the OnePlus Z looks nothing like the original OnePlus.

Therefore, this mysterious throwback tweet could either mean absolutely nothing or it could mean that the OnePlus Z is going to cost just $299. Which means that it will end up undercutting the iPhone SE by a $100 as well as Pixel 4a by $50. This would also end up making the OnePlus Z one of the most affordable devices in the market at this time.

Do you think OnePlus is bold enough to make this move and make the device cost as less? We are actually looking forward to the reveal more than before.

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