Pixel 4a Launch Date Still Set for July 13, but Actual Release of Google’s Mid-Ranger Could Happen in Q4 2020

Pixel 4a Launch Date Still Set for July 13, but Actual Release of Google’s Mid-Ranger Could Happen in Q4 2020

The last time we reported about the Google Pixel 4a launch, it was mentioned that the mid-ranger would be getting unveiled on July 13. While Google might still have plans to showcase the handset at the aforementioned date, it’s possible the actual release date has been pushed back; way back.

Tipster Also Reveals Details About a Single Pixel 4a Color Option, With the Model Possibly Releasing in Late October

There’s fresh news from Jon Prosser, who now states that the Pixel 4a release date is October 22. That’s a huge delay and we have to say that if there weren’t any other competitive devices already on sale, it wouldn’t have mattered if the release month of the Pixel 4a was set for October or November. The problem now is that the 2020 iPhone SE is here, it’s already on sale for $399 and if Google keeps running into delays, Apple’s affordable product will take a sizable market share away from the advertising giant.

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Also, if things weren’t bad enough, Prosser has also tweeted that there might only be a black finish launched on October 22. The tipster states that the ‘Barely Blue’ version has been removed from whatever listing, and that’s not looking good for the company. Believe it or not, some customers are partial to what colored smartphones they purchase, and if Google only has a single flavor out there, regardless of how great this handset potentially is, the lack of additional colors might haunt the company later in terms of sales.

The rumored starting price of the Pixel 4a is very promising though. The mid-ranger will reportedly be sold for $349, making it $50 cheaper than the 2020 iPhone SE and for a handset that’s expected to be powered by a Snapdragon 730, it’s not a bad pricing strategy at all. Then again, the only way to know that it’s going to be an excellent handset is if Google releases it on time, and looking at the way things are at this moment, people wanting to get their hands on it will have to wait exceptionally long.

Let us hope that isn’t the case when Google sets the stage for the Pixel 4a launch on July 13.

News Source: Twitter (Jon Prosser)

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