OnePlus X Has Been Discreetly Discontinued – Does This Mean That A Successor Is Inbound?

Omar Sohail
OnePlus X Has Been Discreetly Discontinued – Does This Mean That A Successor Is Inbound?

In a drastic turn of events, consumers looking to purchase the $199 priced OnePlus X will be sorely disappointed because without informing any one of them, the company has decided to kill its Snapdragon 801 powered device once and for all. Does this mean that a successor is going to take over the reins and provide the consumer base with something better while being cheaper at the same time?

OnePlus X Has Been Quietly Discontinued And No, The Company Is Not Going To Introduce A Successor Anytime Soon

Remember the time when it was reported that there was a slight chance that OnePlus could introduce a successor to OnePlus X? We don’t and we reported earlier that the CEO stated the firm is going to pool in its resources and merge its Oxygen OS and Hydrogen OS into a custom OS that is probably going to have an announcement later this year. One of the reasons why the company is only going to focus on a true flagship lineup was because when OnePlus X was announced, the company and its employees starting shifting their attention away from the likes of OnePlus 2.

OnePlus X (2)

With this announcement, Pete Lau and all the other individuals hailing from OnePlus can start to focus on improving the user experience of OnePlus 3 and this will primarily include software updates in the long run. As for the hardware specifications, OnePlus X was the first smartphone introduced by the company to feature an AMOLED display. The smartphone is also powered by a Snapdragon 801 SoC and features a very affordable price of $199.

OnePlus X

Despite featuring just 16GB of on-board memory, the smartphone features a SIM card tray where you can either choose to place a single SIM card and a storage card, or two SIM cards with a nanoSIM form factor. It appears that 2016 is not going to be the year for the OnePlus X successor, but the CEO didn’t provide us with any additional details regarding next year. After all, there are consumers who do not have the financial freedom to spend $399 on a OnePlus 3, so there is a broader market for the company to tackle effectively.


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