OnePlus Buds are the Truly Wireless Earbuds from OnePlus and Could Launch in July

Furqan Shahid
OnePlus Buds

It seems like OnePlus will be having another reveal in July, later this year. We recently talked about how the company will be releasing the OnePlus Z along with the OnePlus' truly wireless earbuds, and today, we have some more information on the latter.

As we all know, the true wireless race is far from over. We are seeing more and more companies pushing their options and OnePlus is going to be the latest to join the fold with their OnePlus Buds. They look a lot the original AirPods, but at this point, that resemblance is something that barely surprises us.

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The OnePlus Buds Share a Lot of Design Elements with the Apple AirPods

The newest leak is coming from Max J. Who has been leaking some information on what OnePlus has in store for us. He previously shared a render of the OnePlus Z as well as the OnePlus Buds, but the latter render was just of the earbuds themselves. This time, however, we see the earbuds along with the charging case. If we are to go by the image that has been shared, OnePlus might just call these OnePlus Buds or Buds. Which is not surprising at this point.

Max has pretty stellar credibility as far as the leaks are concerned. So, we would say that this leak is just as convincing as the previous one and does corroborate with it, as well. If all things go accordingly, July is the month when OnePlus will be releasing both the OnePlus Z and OnePlus Buds.

As far as the OnePlus Z is concerned, it is supposed to come with the specifications of a mid-range device, and priced at a lower point, too. This will not be the first time since OnePlus would release a budget device, as they have done with the OnePlus X in the past. A device that was pretty successful upon launch.

With the market for true wireless earbuds at such high saturation. we are looking forward to seeing just how OnePlus Buds manage to perform against the heavy hitters or those who are already established in the market.

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