OnePlus 8 Pro Could Finally Support Wireless Charging, Despite Company CEO Saying the Tech Hasn’t Matured Yet

Omar Sohail
OnePlus 8 Pro’s Features Could Include Qi Wireless Charging Support

Back in October 2019, a rumor emerged that one of the OnePlus 8 Pro features will include wireless charging support. The tip had apparently come from a company insider, but given the company CEO Pete Lau’s aversion to the technology, nothing seemed certain. Now, once again, it has been alleged that the manufacturer is finally ready to embrace wireless charging.

The tip comes from Max J., who suggests that the OnePlus 8 Pro will feature wireless charging. Max J. has also predicted that the OnePlus 8 lineup will launch somewhere in Q2 2020. OnePlus phones are known to be focused on stuffing the best-in-class hardware coupled with a comparatively lower price than the competition. However, wireless charging is one thing that the company has been skimping on even though rivals have been offering it on their high-end phones for several years now.

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Fortunately, OnePlus has been a strong proponent of fast-charging and has aimed to provide the best wired-charging solution possible. At the same time, the company isn’t very fond of wireless charging because of its slow top-up speeds and overheating issues. However, for users who are used to wireless charging, wired solutions are kind of a hassle, and thus it was high time that OnePlus jumped the bandwagon too, even if it’s not that fast as opposed to wired charging.

Has Wireless Charging Matured Though?

Wireless charging has started to pick up momentum on the wattage side of things, with companies like Xiaomi selling 30-watt charging pads for compatible handsets. So, it’s high time OnePlus offered something similar. After all, Apple’s rumored to remove the port altogether from the iPhone 13, so if that happens, you can rest assure other manufacturers will follow suit. Where will OnePlus be then?

Now that the OnePlus 8 Pro features are rumored to offer wireless charging, it’s possible the company has come up with a solution that it deems satisfactory enough to be used in the forthcoming model. If this little bit turns out to be true, we can’t wait how it’ll perform when all models launch later in the year.

News Source: Twitter (Max J.)

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