OnePlus CEO Voices His Concerns Over Fast Wireless Charging; Claims the Technology Is Not Ready Right Now


OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau said in a recent interview that he would like to include fast wireless charging feature to OnePlus devices. Even though this wireless charging technology has been around for some time now, there are some restrictions that lead to design compromises.

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Speaking with a OnePlus employee, Pete Lau stated that while the company will continue testing wireless charging technology, it will not be included in any OnePlus product for the time being. He wants to include the fast wireless charging technology in OnePlus devices but these handsets should be not accompanied with any degree of compromises. The tests may continue but the manufacturer hasn’t stumbled upon a solution that satisfies its expectations for convenience and speed yet. As of now, the inclusion of technology will mean a thicker device and overheating issues during the charging process.

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Earlier reports had suggested that OnePlus 6 don’t have wireless charging because the company felt it was unnecessary. It is only now that the reason behind the decision has been unveiled. The inclusion of fast charging technology would have meant an increase in the thickness of OnePlus 6 and potential overheating issue because of the improper implementation of the technology. So, instead of taking that risk, the company dropped the idea.

OnePlus has never been too excited about wireless charging either. It was revealed earlier that OnePus 5T will not come with wireless charging and now it has been clarified that fast wireless charging technology is not ready yet for mass adoption across its device lineup.

It is a good sign that OnePlus is not ready to make any compromises as far as its high-end products are concerned. It is also refreshing to see that the company is committed to improving its devices with new technologies that are made and perfected in its own labs. If you recall, Apple wanted to remove the charging port from the iPhone X, but because wireless charging is limited to a maximum of 15 watts, it would result in a great number of complications for the user.

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News Source: OnePlus Forums