ONDA Reveals GeForce RTX 3060 Aegis Graphics Card

Jason R. Wilson

Chinese manufacturer Onda Electronics recently launched an Ampere designed graphics card based on GA106 GPU named NVIDIA RTX 3060 Aegis. Onda Electronics has not released any graphics card or other computer components as far back as the latter part of last year. With the lack of any website and product updates, users were unsure if the company had halted manufacturing completely.

The Onda NVIDIA RTX 3060 Aegis does not have a lot of information about the specifications of the GPU from the company. However, sources at VideoCardz suggests that this is the LHR, or low hash rate, model to keep in competition with other GPU manufacturers.

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The RTX 3060 Aegis graphics card features a boost clock of 1780 megahertz but the overclock speed is only three MHz. If this information is correct, that would be the lowest overclocking on any of the ONDA GPUs to date. The graphics card features a 2.5 slots and three 90 mm fans, a 2.5 slot style, and a plastic casing. The back of the card is not completely shown, but from one of the profile angle shots of the NVIDIA RTX 3060 Aegis, it appears that the backplate is possibly a lightweight metal backplate.

ONDA's new graphics card appears to be geared for a more budget friendly consumer base with the information we have at this time. Or, this may be another graphics processing unit to be utilized for cryptomining with Onda Electronics history of bitcoin mining. Hopefully, before Onda Electronic's graphics card releases, we will have more solid information.

About Onda Electronics:

[...]For more than 30 years, Onda Electronics has occupied an important market position in several major T-industry reforms in the IT industry. It has always maintained a close partnership with IT industry manufacturing bases in Taiwan and the Mainland, and has become Intel, AMD, NVIDIA and other chips. A first-line partner of leading manufacturers. In recent years, with the support of good channel management concepts and strong technical background of international products, from the launch of its own brand Onda (ONDA) series of products, to today, the comprehensive harvest of digital products including motherboards, graphics cards, optoelectronic products and MP3 , is the result of Onda team's continuous improvement of scientific and technological content, quality, service, and active advocacy of diversified and personalized application space.

Source: VideoCardz, Onda Electronics


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