Official: PUBG Mobile Has Been Downloaded 100M Times Since Launch, Boasts 14M Daily Active Users


Tencent and PUBG Corp has announced that their hit phenomenon (obviously) PUBG Mobile has been downloaded over 100 million times since launch back in March of this year. Along with that, other interesting bits of information has been released too.

With 14 Million Daily Players and 100 Million Downloads, PUBG Mobile is a Massive Hit

Released back in March, PUBG Mobile has been a huge success for Tencent and PUBG Corp if the latest numbers officially revealed mean anything. According to the official data, the game has been downloaded over 100 million times in the past four months on both iOS and Android, but here comes the kicker: it has 14 million active users on a daily basis. So yes, in case you were wondering why your Battle Royale session seems a little 'laggy' you can blame the herd of players for that. Just saying.

PUBG Mobile Has Crossed 1 Billion Downloads on iPhone and Android

Apart from that, the reason for the huge numbers is probably because of the wide availability of the game during its first week. It was the top game to be downloaded on mobile devices in over 100 countries. That's a massive number. But remember one thing: the data excludes China, Korea and Japan. If you throw them into the mix, you can expect these numbers to shoot up drastically.

Since its launch on March 19, PUBG Mobile has garnered up quite a bit of new features to keep players hooked. For example, just recently, the game managed to pick up an exclusive collaboration with the newly released flick Mission: Impossible Fallout. Apart from that, new weapons, vehicles, maps, game modes and even graphics improvements have been pushed to the end-user for the ultimate experience on mobile.

The best part about the game is this: it's absolutely free to play. Of course, there are in-app purchases available if you want to experience a smoother ride as you play along. Obviously, where's the fun in that, right? We know you'd agree.

If you haven't jumped onboard the bandwagon, you can download the game from the links which we have embedded below. Remember, hold your ground if you're going for that 'chicken dinner.'

Download PUBG Mobile for iOS [App Store link]
Download PUBG Mobile for Android [Google Play link]