Here Is The Official Pre-Order Price Of BlackBerry Priv In The United States With Shipping Details Included As Well


Previously, we were able to show you guys the hands-on images of BlackBerry Priv, and for all smartphone consumers living in the United States, here are the pricing and carrier version details you need to know about the upcoming handset.

BlackBerry Priv Will Only Be Available To Two Carriers – Shipping Date Shows The Smartphone Is Less Than One Month Away From Reaching The United States

According to a source, BlackBerry Priv will only be compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile and the pre-order price of the device will be $749. While the smartphone is not exactly the cheapest gadget available in the market, the immediate perk of purchasing it is that you will have an additional layer of security running on it courtesy of BlackBerry, and seeing as how Android is the most vulnerable mobile platform, consumers will have an excuse to purchase it. As for the shipping date, BlackBerry Priv will have orders shipped from November 16.

Coming to the hardware specifications, BlackBerry Priv will have a 5.4 QHD display (2560 by 1440 pixels) and apart from the Android on-screen keyboard, the smartphone will also have a physical keyboard that will drop down thanks to a sliding mechanism. While this might increase the phone’s size to a whole new level, it will definitely give a more ‘clicky’ feeling to the user with each keystroke. There is also 3GB of RAM present, along with 32GB of on-board storage. BlackBerry Priv will also come with support for a MicroSD card (up to a capacity of 128GB).

The QHD resolution might put too much stress on the overall battery timing, but BlackBerry has incorporated a 3,410mAh cell. The only disappointing thing about BlackBerry Priv is that it will be running Android Lollipop 5.1.1. For a high-end smartphone that carries quite a hefty amount, we believe that consumers should get their fair share of a fluid experience and having said that, Android Marshmallow should have been running inside it.

BlackBerry has not mentioned when an Android M update is going to be released for its product, so if you intend on purchasing the smartphone, just remember that you might get top-notch security, but at the expense of running a previous update. Having read all of the aforementioned specifications and pre-order pricing details, do you believe that BlackBerry Priv can put a dent in the smartphone market? Let us know your thoughts.