Oculus E3 Press Conference This Thursday, 10AM PT

Oculus, the company that perhaps re-ignited the VR revolution, has announced that they'll be hosting their E3 press conference a little differently this year. In San Francisco, and on this Thursday instead of during E3 itself.

Oculus is hosting their E3 press conference Thursday June 11th at 10AM PT through 12PM PT.

Oculus has always walked to the tune of their own beat, driving forward an industry that hasn't typically been consumer ready with a force that's been able to see a surprisingly swift adoption lately. Their official E3 press conference is a representation of that innovation, coming early on Thursday. It'll be livestreamed on their website and on their Twitch channel as well.

And to commemorate their presumably historic event they've completely re-imaged their brand with a completely new logo. The flat new logo is perhaps more modern and understated, speaking to how they wish VR to be the understated modern accessory to your life as opposed to the rare Tanzanite beauty it represents now. But aside from that artists interpretation, a new logo means a fresh new look at a new business. They may finally be ready for prime time.

Regardless, we expect many exciting announcements at their E3 press conference, including perhaps the final revision of the Rift to be announced. But until their actual announcement, they've placed a great looking counter on their homepage with what looks like it could be the final Oculus Rift hardware sitting next to it.

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