Obsidian Hints The Outer Worlds Franchise Plans; Two Other Teams Are Starting Things Up Now

The Outer Worlds, Obsidian's highly anticipated sci-fi action RPG, is now rumored to come out on August 6th after this release date appeared briefly on the Steam database.

While there's been no official confirmation, if that was the case Obsidian would already be in polishing mode. In a new video interview with Game Informer, Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart did suggest the developers are very confident about The Outer Worlds. He even added that the setting is ripe for additional games in the franchise.

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We're feeling good about combat and character development. The characters are cool, the world is cool, the corporations that Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky and the group have come up with are fun.

It feels like a world that people will want to become a part of. And it's not just some generic 'here's a place with, you know, swords and dragons or bomb shelters or spaceships', it has a unique identity itself that people will want to become a part of. I think the thing I like so much about it as well is that creating this world, we'll get to go play in it for years. I guess that's how I always think about, I'm an old-school sci-fi/fantasy reader, so everything is a trilogy.

Building this game world, this setting, we can now go tell all different kinds of stories in it. It's that dense, it's that built, it has these cool characters in it. It's like thinking about it like a D&D campaign, as if this was B1, there's gonna be a B2 and B3 and B4 and so forth and so on.

Urquhart then revealed that there are three main development groups inside Obsidian, with two of them just now starting on new projects.

Three-ish. We have The Outer Worlds (which now takes the majority of our development staff), we have a small group finishing Pillars of Eternity II and then we have two other teams that are starting things up.

These will be the first games to be made after Microsoft acquired Obsidian.

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