Observer: System Redux Gets Beautiful, Trippy Next-Gen, Ray-Tracing-Enhanced Gameplay


Earlier this year Bloober Team (Layers of Fear, Blair Witch) announced Observer: System Redux, a next-gen remake of their underrated cyberpunk thriller. Unfortunately, we haven’t got to see much of the game in action…until now. Today during the opening day of IGN’s Summer of Gaming, Bloober Team delivered over seven minutes of Observer: System Redux gameplay, which shows off a moody investigation sequence and some of the game’s trippy hallucinations. Check out the 4K footage, below.

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Damn, looking good! Unfortunately, we don’t know what hardware the above footage was running on. Bloober Team promises Observer: System Redux will run at 4K and 60fps, and feature new models, textures, particle effects, and vastly improved lighting, that will make use of ray tracing, global illumination, and volumetric lighting. Bloober Team is also promising to tap into next-gen consoles’ solid-state drives to virtually eliminate load times. Oh, and System Redux isn’t just a visual overhaul – we’ll also be getting new puzzles, mechanics, and dream segments. Need to know more? Here’s the basic rundown on what Observer is all about:

The year is 2084. The future has turned out much darker than anyone could imagine. First, there was the Nanophage. A digital plague that killed thousands upon thousands of those who chose to augment their minds and bodies. Then came the War, leaving both the West and the East decimated and shattered. With no one left to seize power, corporations took over and forged their own crooked empires.

You are a tool of corporate oppression. Feared and despised, you hack into the darkest corners of your suspects’ minds. You creep into their dreams, expose their fears, and extract whatever your investigation may require. You are an Observer.

Observer: System Redux will be hacking onto Xbox Series X and PS5 in late 2020.

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