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NVIDIA Shows Samaritan Demo Running on a Single Kepler GPU at GDC 2012


NVIDIA and EPIC games teamed up to showcase a demo on the Samaritan Demo once again, However this time not running on SLI'd GeForce GTX580's but a Next Generation 28nm "Kepler" GPU. The GPU was demonstrated at the GDC 2012 event and the launch date of the card is expected around March 12th.

Today GDC 2012 is upon us, and once again Epic has shown the Samaritan demo, but this time with a twist - instead of three GeForce GTX 580s, the demo was shown running on a single next generation NVIDIA graphics card.

Its truly remarkable that a single Kepler GPU can run a demo like Samaritan alone, Performing equivalent to three GeForce GTX580's. At the NVIDIA blog, It is detailed that the Kepler GPU was running the demo with AA set at FXAA 3 which demands lesser horsepower compared to the 4xMSAA demo the 580's were running.

Still its pretty good to see that there's actually a single chip card which can run the beast of a demo without the need to SLI. Rumors suggest that the card will be 10% faster compared to HD7970 in most of gaming benchmarks, The GPU would most likely be called the GTX680 based on GK104 chip which has been detailed here. For more info on the demonstration, head over here.