NVIDIA Kepler GeForce GTX 670Ti Could Possibly be Flashed in a GTX 680 Allowing for 40% Performance Improvement


A new rumor has surfaced on Chinese site Mydrivers which suggests that it would be possible to unlock Nvidia's upcoming Kepler GK104 based Geforce GTX 670Ti GPU in to the GeForce GTX 680 which would also be a GK104 based part allowing for an average 40% Performance improvement.

Previously acquired performance figures showed that the Kepler GK104 based product would be offer around -5~10 percent improvement over the HD7970 GPU, However when unlocked by flashing with a GTX 680 BIOS the average performance jumps upto 40%. In the past we saw AMD's HD6950 GPU and the recent HD7950 GPU which could also be flashed to offer an improved performance.

The site also reports the the GTX 670Ti Core clock is set at a default frequency of 7**Mhz, This was already detailed by us - Exact frequency should be 705Mhz while speed boost which is the new dynamic overclocking feature would pump it up to 950Mhz, At idle the frequency is set at 300Mhz. When flashed with the GTX 680 BIOS, The Core frequency of the GTX 670Ti went past the 1Ghz barrier. One reason the GTX 680 has a much higher frequency then GTX 670Ti is that its produced in compliance with the 28-nm high-performance HP-process technology HKMG. Actual TDP of the card is set to be around 200W.

3DMark 11 Performance was also reported in the Extreme Preset benchmark, The card scores 3200-3300X Points  which you can compare to a stock HD7970/7950. The card is expected to launch this month with many rumors suggesting that NDA would possibly be lifted today and retail availability on March 23rd. Specifications can be found out here.