NVIDIA Straps a Huge Vapor Chamber on Kepler GK104 GPU, PCB Shot Once Again

Hassan Mujtaba

Pictures of NVIDIA's Upcoming Kepler GK104 GPU have been leaked which show the Vapor Chamber Cooling Design along with a few shots of the PCB VRM area and rear panel display/exhaust panel. Kepler GK104 GTX670Ti was exposed yesterday along with the new GeForce Logo, Details here.

From the Pictures we can see that the GPU would feature a large blower fan which would transfer fresh air to the  Vapor Chamber spotted right over the Memory and GK104 Core. The Vapor Chamber is covered with a large stack of aluminum fins to which heat is transferred from the copper surface and cooled down by the air.

The PCB shots show that the board will have 5 NVVDD phases, and up to three miscellaneous power domains which would be powered through two 6 Pin Connectors stacked on top of each other. There's additional room for an 8 Pin connector, Total TDP is suggested around 250-300W.

You can also spot three memory chips, In actual there are a total of eight chips which would accumulate around 2GB GDDR5 (256-bit) memory, 4GB variants are also suggested from AIB partners in the future. An airflow bracket can be spotted at the front which acts as an exhaust, Display panel consist of a full length Display Port, HDMI and 2 DVI allowing for 3D Stereoscopic + 3D Vision through a single GPU. A total of three same cards can be SLI'd together.

Full Specifications and details on the new Speed Boost Dynamic Overclocking feature can be found below:

NVIDIA Kepler GK104 GPU Shot Leaked, New GeForce Logo also Unveiled

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