NVIDIA Rumored To Launch New GeForce 700 Series by Computex 2013


GeForce 700 Series

Fudzilla has brought up an interesting rumor mentioning that NVIDIA's upcoming GeForce 700 series may finally be arriving by Computex 2013. Computex 2013 is expected to take place in the first week of June and might be a right time to showcase their upcoming cards.

NVIDIA GeForce 700 Series Rumored To Launch by Computex?

The source mentions that this would be direct response from NVIDIA to AMD for their aggressive bundle push over the past few months. The upcoming cards would still be based on the existing 28nm Kepler architecture or should i say a more refined version of the chips. This would deliver not a generational leap in performance over current 600 series cards but would definitely be faster than NVIDIA's current lineup.

We don’t have a fix date but Nvidia has talked to some of its partners assuring them that they will have something new and hot to see as of May 2013. Computex 2013 starts in late May but Nvidia might launch its new graphics card generation a bit earlier.

Nvidia also wants to put pressure on new console sales, as now more than ever Nvidia wants to tell the world that PC gaming is the future. Fudzilla

Although the news may sound legit but we wouldn't place our bets on it just yet. NVIDIA may have a GeForce 700 series planned for launch but previous reports pit their launch much later in Q4 2013/ Q1 2014. By Computex, the company is expected to launch something hot indeed an this is the upcoming cut down GK110 GPU variant presumably codenamed as the GeForce GTX TItan LE. The GeForce GTX Titan LE is a cut down version of the original Titan released back in February and its photos were leaked by us a few days ago which can be seen here along with its specifications.

So if this is the GeForce 700 series or the Titan LE, whole would be made certain by Computex. As for Computex itself, the event is going to be pretty interesting since Intel would also debut their upcoming Haswell processors on 2nd June.