NVIDIA Preparing Cut Down GeForce GTX Titan GK110 GPU With 2496 Cores



It has been almost a month since NVIDIA launched their mighty GeForce GTX Titan based on the GK110 GPU. New reports from Sweclockers suggests as earlier expected that NVIDIA is now preparing a second GK110 GPU for consumers which would actually be a cut down version of the GeForce GTX Titan itself.

NVIDIA Preparing Cut Down GTX Titan GK110 GPU

The GK110 GPU on the GeForce GTX Titan had 14 SMX units enabled out of the total 15 available on the Kepler die. This cut down version would have 13 SMX units enabled on the GK110 GPU which would give 2496 cores which is still much higher than the GeForce GTX 680's 1536 cores. The cut down GK110 GPU would feature a 5 GB GDDR5 memory running across a 320-bit interface compared to 6 GB GDDR5 (384-bit) on the faster GeForce GTX Titan.

Nothing else as far as the naming scheme and pricing details were unveiled. One thing is for certain though that this cut down GK110 GPU won't set you back at a hefty cost of $1000 US as the GeForce GTX Titan and should be around $699 - $799 at most. As for the cooler, i believe that NVIDIA would be sticking with the same Magnesium Alloy heatsink cooler design they used on the GeForce GTX Titan. Display output configuration would remain the same of Dual Link DVIs, HDMI and a full length display port while total TDP would be rated at 225W.

NVIDIA is expected to launch this cut down version of the GK110 GPU in Q3 2013 possibly in July or August. The naming scheme is still not known and around the same time frame, it is also expected that NVIDIA would launch the GeForce 700 series Kepler refresh so this cut down version may possibly be the GeForce GTX 780 or it could just be another GeForce GTX Titan2 GPU.