Watch Dogs PC Trailer Was Recorded on i7-3930K and GeForce Titan – AMD Users will get NVIDIA’s HBAO+ but no TXAA

Ubisoft's next-gen open world action-adventure video game title based on advanced technology and hacking is still more than a month away from its release but the developer has already released all the details and information that is required to upsurge the thirst of those gamers that are impatiently waiting to jump into the game.

Watch Dogs PC Trailer Was Recorded on Intel Core i7-3930K and GeForce Titan - Players Using AMD Graphics Cards Will Enjoy NVIDIA's
HBAO+ but no TXAA

Since the delay of Watch Dogs, Ubisoft has released many details about the game including new screenshots and gameplay trailers. Though most visual details and trailers released by the developer were from the consoles' version of Watch Dogs, specifically from PlayStation 4. Apparently considering it the right time, Ubisoft released a Watch Dogs PC trailer a few days ago.

The PC trailer showed dynamic in-game environment and textures, giving the credit to NVIDIA for collaborating with the developer and introducing new exclusive features and technologies for Watch Dogs. During the trailer, Watch Dog’s lead PC engineer explained how teamwork with NVIDIA resulted in more enhanced and immersive gameplay experience.

After the trailer, gamers started questioning about what hardware will the game require to deliver smooth and enrich visual quality. To clear out such reservations, Creative Director Jonathan Morin gave some details about the PC version of Watch Dogs on Twitter.

According to the information, playing game at ultra settings will require serious hardware power. Players rocking AMD graphics cards will get identical visual suffer and NVIDIA's HBAO+,  though they won't be able to enjoy NVIDIA’s TXAA. Morin also revealed that the recently released Watch Dogs PC trailer was recorded on a rig running on an i7-3930K and a Geforce Titan:

  •  A lot of different specs will run the game at high level of detail, but for ultra you’ll need at least an Intel Core i7-4770K with a GeForce 780.
  • The Nvidia Tech PC video was recorded on a rig with an Intel Core i7-3930K and a GeForce Titan.
  • Those that use an AMD video card won’t be able to enjoy Nvidia’s TXAA (Temporal Anti-Aliasing). HBAO+ (Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion), while developed by Nvidia, will still work on AMD cards.

Morin also expressed his thoughts on why Watch Dogs is not like any other open world action-adventure game. Praising the in-game hyper-connected Chicago city and online connectivity, Morin said:

"I think the biggest difference is how you interact with the world through hacking, profiling & seamless online. Pretty much everything in the game is structured around our hyper-connected city. This brings your brain to consider very different solutions in all situations. It makes you think/play in a very fresh/new ways."

Below is the recently released Watch Dogs PC trailer which is the main topic of above-stated discussion. Seems like PC players might want to consider upgrading their rigs.

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