Nvidia Prepares For 28nm Silicon Manufacturing

Sabeeh Qureshi

Nvidia has learnt lessons from a lot mistakes they have done in the previous fabrication processes and now has already working 28nm silicon chips thanks to their partnership with the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.


As for now, Nvidia is spending time with TSMC on learning the peculiarities of  the 28nm manufacturing technology process, preparing it for their new architecture better than the green guys at Nvidia did in the past.

Jen-Hsun Huang, chief executive officer of Nvidia also commented on the news:

"We are far better prepared for 28nm than we were for 40nm. Because we took it so much more seriously. We were successful on so many different nodes for so long that we all collectively, as an industry, forgot how hard it is. So, one of the things that we did this time around was to set up an entire organization that is dedicated to advanced nodes. We have had many, many tests chips run on 28nm, we have working silicon".

Earlier in the past, TSMC's 40nm manufacturing process was heavily plauged with low yields, design errors as well as manufacturing issues. Nvidia had started work on it's previous 40nm line up without knowing the possible iss and had run into a set of unexpected problems that delayed it's final launch based on the 'Fermi' architecture.

They say though with the new 28nm technology, they have come prepared.


"[Our experience with 28nm] is looking really good, it is looking much better than our experience with 40nm. It is just a comprehensive, across-the-board engagement between TSMC and ourselves making sure that we are ready for production ramp when the time comes. So I feel really good about 28nm".

The green team is also soon to test run and commercially manufacture its next generation GPU's known by the codename 'Kepler' by 2012.

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