NVIDIA Has A Stock of Over A Million Next-Gen GeForce Graphics Cards Waiting To Power Gaming PCs, Report Alleges

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Rumors around the next-generation NVIDIA GPUs seem to be picking up the pace as launch soon approaches. Now it seems like the latest report from Digitimes (via PCGamesN) seems to be telling that NVIDIA is well prepped for a next-gen launch and some factors are the reason for the current delay.

NVIDIA Reportedly Well Prepped For Next-Gen Launch - Around A Million Next-Gen GeForce Graphics Cards Stockpiled, Ready For Mass Shipment To Gamers

The report comes from Digitimes sources based in the upstream supply chain. According to them, the mining market has gone stagnant since cryptocurrency took a hit, making medium sized crypto operations (these include individuals too) go out of business, while the bigger operations and related firms are cutting down on accquiring new mining machines.

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This causes inventory issues for graphics suppliers and as we reported earlier, there's a huge stock of current generation graphics cards that needs to go away before next-gen are shipped out to the market. The issue mainly arose after NVIDIA overestimated the mining demand, overproducing current gen GPUs which are now sitting idle as demand for these cards is at an all time low.

NVIDIA's CEO, Jen Hsun Huang, tried to resolve this by stating that the release of next-gen cards are still a long time from now. This statement might have made people waiting on next-gen parts go with current graphics cards, mitigating the inventory issues. But, recent leaks have given away the truth and NVIDIA indeed has prototypes for next-gen parts in their labs right now, but that isn't all that NVIDIA's sitting on right now.

It looks like NVIDIA doesn't only have current gen cards to worry about, they also have next-gen GPUs, a million of those ready to be shipped to gamers.

Currently, the worldwide graphics card market has an inventory of around several million units and Nvidia has around a million of GPUs waiting to be released, said the sources. via Digitimes

With a reported stock of over a million next-gen GeForce graphics cards ready for gaming PCs, NVIDIA is ready as ever. But, will a million GPUs be enough to supply gamers around the globe with next-gen parts? NVIDIA will indeed by shipping next-gen GeForce parts through their own store at GeForce.com, but a majority of these GPUs will be delivered to NVIDIA's DIY partners who will work on their own custom solutions, made available after the launch of reference models.

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But current-gen inventory would play a major factor in deciding whether these next-gen GeForce cards launch in Q3 2018 or slip to Q4 2018, primed for holiday season. NVIDIA will have a range of desktop and notebook solutions based on their next-generation graphics architecture, ready for the mass gaming market. OEMs have been spotted spilling the beans on next-gen GeForce 11 series with products such as the GeForce GTX 1180 and GeForce GTX 1160, coming to their next gen gaming PCs later this fall.

Aside from that, it looks like NVIDIA can expect some sort of relief with the inventory as China's Sichuan province has been hit by major flooding and the region alone accounts for almost 70% of the mining operations. This led to major drops in the global mining hashrate as several mining setups have been affected and severely damaged. Now, one thing to consider is that currently, all major Taiwanese based graphics card manufacturers were expecting a 40% drop in shipments but this could change things for them. Also, a 20% drop in price was expected since anywhere other than China, the cryptomarket is declining and lots of used graphics cards are now entering the market at really cheap prices.

One of the many mining operations that has been affected by flooding in mainland China. You can see a range of AMD based Radeon cards in the flooded pile.

One of the many affected mining operations by the recent flooding in China. These mining firms may opt to purchase new setups which will spur a rise in graphics card demand and that may ease up some inventory issues for NVIDIA. As soon as inventory returns to safe levels, we can see NVIDIA fast forwarding the launch of their next-gen GeForce gaming cards.

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