Nvidia GTX 695 Quad GPU In The Works [RUMOR]

To think of it, we were just waiting for this to come up. Hartware.net has confirmed reports that an AIB partner of Nvidia had prepped a quad kepler graphics card and showcased it as well behind closed doors.

According to them, the demonstrated card requires 600 to 800 watts with the manufacturer’s overall goal to keep the power consumption to a minimum as much as possible.

The card therefore would be even more powerful than the GTX 690 with the addition of two more GK104 GPUs on one PCB. The clocks would be although limited and lower than the reference GTX 680 clocks as to accommodate all the GPUs with a lower power draw.

The rumor can or cannot be true until there is more credible evidence on this. But if it is true, expect this card not to surface too soon. Better yet, even if this was demoed as a prototype, the card would be released in a very limited quantity. I’m putting my fingers on ASUS for this since they have a history with their dual GPU high end cards such as the MARS/ARES editions.

We’ll keep you updated as we get more on this. In the meanwhile, subscribe to our RSS feed for the latest updates on the go!

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