NVIDIA GTX 1180 Sampling June 15th, Custom Cards Due by August / September

A mockup of NVIDIA's 11 Series graphics card lineup. Not an official image.

NVIDIA's highly anticipated GeForce GTX 1180 graphics cards based on the company's upcoming Turing architecture will reportedly begin sampling on the 15th of June with on-shelf availability of Founder's Edition models by July and custom built variants from NVIDIA's AIB partners by August / September.

NVIDIA's Titan Xp Beating GeForce GTX 1180 Sampling in Less Than a Month

Last month we published specifications for the GTX 1180 based on various leaks, rumors and background industry chatter that we were made privy to at Wccftech. The green team's new high-end offering is expected to deliver no less than GTX Titan Xp beating performance and 1.5x the frame crunching power of the GTX 1080.

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For more details on the GTX 1180's preliminary specs, pricing and gaming performance make sure to head over here. For the same on its little brother the GTX 1170, make sure to head over here.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1180 mockup

According to sources in the upstream supply chain that have spoken to Tom's Hardware on the condition of anonymity, NVIDIA's add-in-board partners have already been informed of the company's plans to introduce its next generation family of GeForce graphics cards for gamers this summer on the desktop, and in the fall for notebooks.

The company will begin sampling its partners with GPUs and GDDR6 memory beginning on June 15th and is set to debut its first Turing based 11 series graphics card, the GTX 1180 in July. The GTX 1170 will debut around the same time and is expected to be available on shelves a couple of weeks after its bigger brother.

Bill Of Materials Release Start
Engineering Validation 1-2 weeks
Design Validation Testing2 weeks
First Working Sample1-2 weeks
Electromagnetic Interference Testingless than week
Production Validation 2-3 weeks
Final BIOSa few days
Mass production and shippinga few days

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