Nvidia’s Kepler based GTX/GTR 700 Series GPU’s performance compared to Geforce 500 Series in Next Generation Performance Chart


A Second Nvidia "Next Generation Performance" Chart has been leaked online which shows the performance comparison of Nvidia's Upcoming 28nm based Kepler GPU's against the current gen Geforce 500 Series cards.

Once again we see the Geforce 700 Series branding and a total of five Kepler based chips which include the following:

  • GTX 790 - Dual Chip Flagship/GK-110 (Replacement for GTX590)
  • GTR 785 - Specs Unknown
  • GTX 780 - Single Chip Flagship/GK-100~GK-112 (Replacement for GTX580)
  • GTX 770 - Performance Segment/GK-104 (Replacement for GTX570)
  • GTX 760 - Mid End Segment/GK-104 or GK-106 (Replacement for GTX560Ti)

The Kepler based GPU's completely dominate their predecessors with a performance gain of 1.5-2x. All GPU's have been tested on the same setup which consisted of a Core i7 Processor clocked at 3.4Ghz and tested on Battlefield 3 at 2560x1600 res, Ultra Preset and 4xMSAA.

Looks like the GTX 790 Dual chip card would even be faster than Sli'd GTX 590's. Performance gain of GTX780 and GTX770 is also 2 times the performance of older generation cards. The GTX760 doesn't seem to be as fast as expected though its unknown if its based on the GK-104 core or GK-106, If this is the GK-104 performance then its pretty underwhelming considering it packs 670-768 Cuda Cores as reported by 3D Center however performance is  nearing an Oc'ed GTX580 levels.

Last up is the mysterious GTR 785, From the naming scheme looks like it would either be a Dual chip card based on the GK-104/GK-106 cores or a fully unlocked GK-112 based GPU. Reports from various sources suggest that Nvidia might unveil the Kepler in some form during the CES 2012 event or in Q1 2012 however no news on the actual launch date has been released. Do check out the following posts for more info on Nvidia's Kepler based GPU's:

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