Nvidia ‘Big Daddy’ Maxwell GM200 GPU Alleged Specs Leaked – GTX 980 Ti or GTX Titan X?

Usman Pirzada

[Rumor] Wow that took absolutely no time at all. Barely a few days have passed and the first rumblings of the Mysterious GM200 GPU are already upon us. The Czech tech publication PCTuning.com, the first site to leak the GTX 980 specs I might add, has just released the GM200 GPU's (namely GTX 980 Ti and/or maybe the new Titan) technical specifications citing insider sources. Keep in mind though, that this is still just a rumor since I cannot personally verify the authenticity of the information, although this is isn't pure speculation either.NVIDIA Maxwell GM204

Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 Ti / GTX Titan X 'GM200' Specs Allegedly Leaked

First of all, I would like to apologize in advance for the heading. I do not know what the GM200 GPU will be called, but since I have to name the article something appropriate, 980 Ti and Titan X will have to do. Anyways here are the specs as mentioned by PCTuning:

  • Die Size: 551mm^2
  • SMMs/CUDA Cores: 20-22/ 2560-2816
  • Memory Bus: 384 Bit
  • Performance: ~50% Boost over GTX Titan Black
  • Launch: Q4 2014

Now, the publication mentions that the professional and gaming equivalents will release together and there is a chance that Nvidia will keep the GM200 GPU for the professional space only. In such a case a "Geforce GTX 990" is expected rocking two GM204 Cores. This is where the actual leak from PCTuning ends and I take the reigns on conjecture, so if speculation isn't your cup of tea you might want to skip this part.

Basically, we already know that the GM200 chip/GTX 980 Ti/TitanX is completely ready. Its customer samples were tested a few weeks back and if it follows the same trend as the Gm204 then it should be out and about within 2 months at most. This is confirmed by data from the shipping portal zauba.com. Before the first 'CS' entry which appeared on 12th August 2014, there had only been entries using the nomenclature 'INT' which means the core is meant for Internal Testing. Because green follows the same pattern we knew that once the INT chips were spotted the CS chips wouldn't be that far behind and  chips with the name GM200-CS0-A1 and GM200-CS1-A1 were soon spotted, indicating that the GPU is now ready. This core will have double the performance per watt of the GK110 core (as can be seen from the research paper) and we should see an amazing leap in gaming performance from 204 to 200.

Now while the GM204-A1 die is based on the 28nm process, and as I have previously mentioned before sources inside the industry tell me Nvidia is thinking about porting the circuit to 20nm in 2015. There is also one more path Nvidia can choose. I believe that Nvidia is keeping the Gm200 GPU as the ultimate checkmate against AMD. If AMD rolls out a competing flagship on the 28nm node, by my estimates the GM200 should have the performance crown. Either way, the leak scene is starting again.

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